January 28, 2013


loving: The friendships we have made this past year. We have met some pretty great people.

reading: Shepherding a Child's heart. Our girls are wild and wonderful. We need all the help we can get. 

waiting for: Warm weather. I don't mind the cold at all but the girls NEED to get outside and run. 

excited about: Our getaway weekend in a couple weeks to see George Strait. So looking forward for that time away with my handsome mr. 

missing: My sister and my bestie. All day. Everyday.

trying to: Not loose my sanity while being locked up in the house for so long.

(apparently, so is she.)

working on: My fitness. For real. 

enjoying: Having my husband home so much. I wish it wasn't under these circumstances (surgery recovery) But seeing his face everyday is my favorite.

smelling: My sweet smelling girlies that just got out of the bath.

wearing: Yoga pants.

planning: All of the fun Valentines day project and decor I have planned with the girls.

needing: My family to be well. I'm ready to shove this sickness.

learning: How to be more self-disciplined.

listening: To a Bruce Springsteen vinyl that the girls are dancing to.

wishing: That I had a private jet to fly to see people I miss, whenever I want.

praying for: A couple scary upcoming doctors appointments for family members. So grateful that God is bigger.

dreaming of: Summer camping trips with the girls.


  1. Love that book. It put a whole new perspective on "discipline" and what that looks like in reality for our little family.

  2. Look at all the hair Selah has! My daughter is 15 months old and still pretty much bald, ha!

  3. My husband and I are going to see George Strait on Thursday!! Can't wait!

  4. Such gorgeous pics!!! You are blessed!

  5. sweet update. will keep your family in my prayers.

  6. who doesn't need a sip of the old crown royal every now and then. i knew i loved you, yoga pants are my love language.

  7. okay Selah is too delicious. I seriously want to smooch those little teeth every time I see them. They remind me so much of Cade!!!
    And will be praying for your sweet family all around. hate that there are scary dr appointments coming up. Our God is good...praying for great reports.
    And your previous post...I JUST bought that planner! Isn't it divine?! I bought a bigger sized gold one too for blog stuff. Seriously obsessed with them.
    I miss you. Love you. And happy Monday sweet friend.

  8. oh my word, selah with the booze. love it.
    praying your husband recovers fully and quickly, and the sickies leave your house for good!
    also praying for those scary appointments coming up, praise jesus he's already there!

    love you!

  9. love this!! I think our oldest are two peas in a pod. reading a lot of books lately as well ;) PS - Eden asked today if you guys live in the North Pole :)