January 22, 2013


If you haven't noticed, things have been a little um, sparse here lately.
Somehow in the midst of the sickness I have lost the drive to share our day or be inspirational.
Since Christmas we have had sinus infections, fevers, the flu, cutting molars, ear infections, soar throats, a cut up/stitched up finger, a knee surgery, knee recovery, more fevers, and are just coming out a round of chicken pox.
If that hasn't kept us cooped up in the house, than the frigid temperatures have (yesterday was -35* with windchill).
I'm tired. But as of right now everyone is feeling good so things are looking up!

I by no means want to be a downer. 
I have actually enjoyed all of the time with my sweet family.
There have been quiet, peaceful afternoons with my tea and cute new 2013 planner.
It hasn't been filled with many activities yet but it each day has a different supper plan written down.
I've had more time to meal plan and try some new recipes.
I guess you could say this time has been a blessing in disguise.

I am ready though. 
Ready to start living out our days without tears.
I'm excited to get back into our old routines and for new things.
I've missed you all.
Glad to be back.


  1. Oh January...you really need to be over for the sake of good health. Sounds like you guys have had the same sort of month we have!

  2. oh you sweet mama...that is a lot. so glad to hear everyone is feeling good :)love your planner!

  3. Oh wow. I'm glad everyone is on the mend.

  4. chicken pox? wow! at least they will be immune as adults!

    i love your planner.

    so proud of you for having suppers down. that is HUGE.

    i know exactly how you feel.

  5. LOVE you!
    praying y'all can stay healthy.
    also, that phone case is amaze.


  6. I agree with someone above...January just needs to go :) I'm so ready for spring already! Blessings to your family!