January 2, 2013

just the way it is.

So many bloggers I follow have been talking about reevaluating, rearranging, and revamping for the new year.
I have come to feel like my little place is another part of 'home' to me and I too have thought about the different directions I could take it.
But when it comes down to it, I really like it here.
I don't want to force some great amount of change because everyone else is.
No I don't have a huge 'following' and there are so many things I could do to increase that, but I want it to be organic.
I don't ever want to feel disconnected with my readers.
Plus, my whole purpose in doing this was to document our life for our kids, and to be source of encouragement for other women/mommas.
I love being reassured from so many of you that we aren't 'alone' in this adventure of motherhood.
I've learned to find such beauty in the simple little details of our day.
Like at lunch time....

Writing here has made me grateful for a life that at times may seem mundane and boring.
It's held me accountable and made me try harder.
It has also given me some of the most precious friendships I have.

So while I have contemplated change, the fruit that I received so far makes me think that things are just right.


  1. And sometimes, just right isn't just perfect.It is perfectly beautiful. Love your blog. Thank you for not changing! :)

  2. sweet post - love you and your blog just the way it is :)

  3. I love it there too:) Homey and comfortable. Wish my kids and I could join you and your girls for lunch. Someday. Someday.
    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. love that, Kaylee! so awesome!

  5. I love this, and I love your space. Just wished Japan and ND were closer :)

  6. i love ANY post that has picture of stuffed animals:)

    i wish people didn't have to feel pressure to make their blogs into something. i love what you wrote about just keeping it real. at least i thought that's what you were saying:)

  7. this is sweet goodness. and so much of why i adore you, kaylee. love this space, grateful for your sharing. love you!!!! xo

  8. You have a fabulous blog, Kaylee! I adore it :) Hope you guys all have the best 2013 ever. I love checking in on your precious little angels - they are too cute!! Hope yall have a great weekend :)

  9. amen. i love this post kaylee. happy new year.

  10. I have been thinking lately that it takes more courage to be steadfast and consistent than to believe that change equals growth. Your blog allows others to peek into your precious family life and encourages us to live in and relish the moment. Thank you for that! Thank you for being steadfast, authentic and joy-filled! Don't change!!

  11. i love your space just the way it is too. i'm glad your floor looks like mine and i want your chairs. xoxo

  12. Love this post, LOVE these photos and super-love these words!! I totally and completely agree.

  13. Amen!!! Love your space here, please just keep being YOU!! And lady, your photos are soooooo beautiful. Light and airy, and full of emotion. You should be teaching me!! xo