January 7, 2013

on my mind.

I've got a few things on my mind...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Ryan goes in for a knee surgery.
While I am sad for him that he even needs surgery, 
I'm grateful that he will finally be free of major pain he has had for a year now.

I am thoroughly enjoying this winter so far.
It has been downright cold. We have had the same snow for over a month and I can't get over how beautiful it is.

There isn't much to do here in the winter and I am continually trying to figure out what to do to keep the girls occupied.
The evenings are especially long.
Any ideas? 

I have noticed especially lately, that Ashlynn has such a compassionate heart.
Ryan tore his finger open pretty bad at work a couple days ago and has several stitches and Ashlynn asks several times a day to pray for him.
And every time she sees him wince in pain she says,
"Oh daddy I'm sorry for your hurt finger/knee. Can I kiss it for you?"
Love her.

I've decided I have terrible self control when it comes to food.
I joined a competition with several other women to loose weight.
Whoever looses the most wins a pool of money.
It's way harder than I thought.
I said no to a cupcake today though.
It was extremely painful...but gratifying. 

Next year marks one year since we moved from Washington.
I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around that.
Talk about wild.

I think I have figured out a routine for laundry that is working.
It's only taken 4 1/2 years.

I just realized a couple days ago that I feel more at peace in my spirit that I have in so long.
I'm always thinking/worrying about what is next for us.
I'm not right now and it is incredibly freeing. 
Peace is beautiful.

I love you all.
So very much.


  1. i'll be praying for his surgery. God will take care of him. :)

  2. Okay so tell me more about this new laundry routine!

  3. So sorry to hear about husband having surgery and also hurting his finger! Poopoo! Im also working on the whole self control with food thing! Yikes it's hard! No sugar or white flour since new years! I truly have to pray and ask God for help with this! Crazy how addicted we really are! You can do it girl! May God bless your family this week and give u and the hubs all the strength u need!

  4. i love that picture of you. so pensive...

    i admire your zest for snow. i am ever so cold here and the low is like 32. brrrrrrrrrrr!

    i hope Ryan's knee surgery is a great success.

    i am very impressed you passed up a cupcake. that is no small feat. i have to be super careful with food lately. sugar makes me positively ill at times. which is tragical i tell you.

  5. Your kid has a beautiful heart.. you should be so proud, mama. You're doing an excellent job!!

    That photo of you is gorgeous!

    I had a laundry routine too...but then we moved here where i have no washer or dryer in my house. Aaaak. Not my fave.

    Food is SUCH a weakness for me too!! I just love it too much. I could say no to a cupcake (sweets aren't my thing) but something savoury or spicy gets me every time. And now I'm hungry...


  6. praying the surgery went well and recovery is smoothe! xoxo

  7. Tell me your laundry sitch because mine is just so out of control.

    Hi. I'm back.

  8. just found your blog! so precious!