January 17, 2013

quotes from ashlynn:take six.

This girl is at it again.
She makes us laugh frequently throughout the day.
 I normally have a list of things she says saved in a note on my phone but these have just been in the last two days.

"Do you want ham, eggs, and toast like, Dad?"
"Yes, please."
I grab the whole wheat bread and she quickly stops me,
"No! I want that ugly toast like Dad!"
"You mean an English muffin?"
"Yeah, that."

(Two minutes later while eating 'ugly toast')
"I think I hear Selah...Ash! Your sister is awake!"
Still looking at her food she whispers,

Right after Selah stole one of her toys,
"I'm going to get big like a mom someday.
I'm going to have a baby in my belly and it's going to be a Selah....but not a mean one."

After getting into my sister's make up, I told Ashlynn that she would have to take some of her own money and give it to her so she could replace what she ruined.
"Hey! I've got a great idea! She can go to work and make money and buy her own makeup!"

While being sick this week,
"Do you want something to eat, I think it would help your stomach feel better?"
"No....I think that will just make me really nervous."

While getting ready for bed,
"Mom. You are the best world in the whole mom. And you make amazing dinners. They are so super tasty."

After explaining that her favorite Uncle Shane was having a birthday,
"Mom? Can I be 24 tomorrow? I just want to be 24 SO bad..."

I completely believe you, silly girl. Let's just take one day at a time.


  1. That made me laugh! Thanks for sharing.

  2. AH! That girl is hilarious! this definitely made my morning :) Miss you!

  3. she is too funny! that "bummer" comment made me laugh out loud. kids are so honest.

  4. oh i want to be 24 SO bad too. :)

  5. Hahahahahaha. Oh man. She is just a sweet little pleasure. xoxo

  6. I took a break from homework to look at your blog and oh Ashlynn, you have done it again. Seriously too cute!

  7. hahahaha!!!!!! so sweet. Love it. kids... they are so funny!

  8. these were all great thanks for the smile1 love the ugly toast lol.

  9. She is so adorable! And I love all the sweet and silly things little ones say. It makes me sad when Swee'Pea grows out of some of his little phrases. They grow up TOO fast!