February 8, 2013

a new family member.

I'd like to introduce our newest family member to you....

Meet Cash.
He is a sweet, energetic German Shorthair.
He's 16 months old so basically just a really big puppy.
He is already an incredible bird hunter and completes the team Ryan has been dreaming of.
His previous owner wasn't able to spend any time with him so he was alone almost always.
That isn't the case anymore.

We have been discussing getting another dog since we lost our boy, Lewis.
Knowing that he was irreplaceable made it hard, but we decided that Drake needed a friend.
He's been lonely.

These boys have transitioned well together and have already become good friends.
Or rather, partners in crime.

We love our dogs.
They are such good boys.
They aren't just pets, they are family.

Welcome home, Cash.

>>> <<<

Today our love story is being featured over at Danielle's blog.
Go check it out!


  1. oh man, that last pic is EPIC! so awesome. Cash is so handsome :)

  2. how adorable! it would be impossible not to love that face.

  3. I love German Pointers! He is adorable. The Boys! That is how I refer to mine too!

  4. I had cat nightmares last night (really, I did)
    This is just what I needed this morning. I like him.

  5. could they be any cuter? would be my hubbies dream come true:)

  6. Out little pup is half German-short hair pointer. Kind of makes me nervous seeing how big Chase is! :)

  7. *Cash! Not sure why I typed Chase!

  8. i grew up with german short hairs and german wire hairs. love them. my sister just got her first dog and it's a german short hair.

  9. Awe... his brown eyes are so pretty! I love a dog with brown eyes!
    And that photo of them together is the best!!! :)

  10. Oh my gosh. So I just read your love story over on Danielle's job and I am just... so blessed by how God has provided everything and led you both so SO evidently by His loving hand!!! This is a story that brings Him SO MUCH GLORY!!!

  11. Hi, Kaylee! I just stumbled into your blog today. Such a sweet and simple space! Nice to "meet" you :)

  12. what a beautiful pup!!!! so handsome!

  13. These dogs are adorable. I love the last picture with the matching collars! Our dog is definitely more than just a pet. Actually, I'd probably be embarrassing if people saw how I talked to him:)

  14. HE is too cute. we have a boxipoint which is a boxer / german shorthair cross. he is the best dog ever. i'm sure your new guy will be too.