February 22, 2013

slow it down, girl.

 Do you every have those moments as a parent when you look across the room or in your rear-view mirror at your child and think, "When did they get so old?"

I find this happening to me often as of late. Especially with Ashlynn.
I will watch her care for her sister, fix her own problems, and listen to her imagination go places I didn't know possible.
She is growing up. She is looking more and more like a 'big kid'. She is making me so proud.
I like who she is becoming.

It also scares me to death and want to hold her close.

Her face is a constant reminder that I have to be intentional, consistent, and not just give in.
As hard as parenting is, it is also so rewarding.
She is has such a beautiful, wild spirit. That she was born with.
I love this girl.
Just slow down a little....


  1. beautiful pictures! sweet ash :)

  2. oh yes, i wish i could freeze time and enjoy them longer at this stage. you're right, parenting is hard but rewarding.

  3. she is truly growing up! so scary for a mom...but boy she is adorable. love this blog!

  4. wilder and story take my breath away every day.
    the days are long, the years are short.
    so, so short.

  5. Shes all things perfect. Such a doll.

  6. She's cute! They do grow so fast and once you have kids, time just flies!


  7. I feel the same way, and mine will be 21 this month. NOT POSSIBLE! Every age, every season is priceless, don't listen to anyone else's stories. You're a great Mom and she will be someone you love to be with now and in 15 years! xoxo

  8. oh i've been feeling the same way about emerson and gemma today. please slow down!!!

  9. I am loving your blog! just stumbled across it and following along now!



  10. I cannot get over hold old she looks in these pictures! so beautiful

  11. I seriously struggle with the intentionality of just being with my kid. I've been really convicted of it lately too and wrote about it. Found you through the giveaway :)