November 19, 2013


-November is almost over (what the?!) and the amount of hot chocolate that has been consumed lately is just wrong...but so right. These girls are slightly addicted.

-I'm half way done with this pregnancy and I am amazed how fast it is flying by. We find out this week what we are having...I get more impatient about this part than I do actually having the baby...

-Ryan's entire family was able to come out and stay with us over the period of 12 days. We had so much fun with them and I kind of feel like I've become a pro at menu planning/feeding 12 people. I was in my element! I'm thinking that part deserves it's own blog post.

-My mom scheduled a massage for me this week and it's only 2 days, 12 hours, and 39 minutes away from happening. (Excited much)

-Selah turns 2 in a week and I constantly ask her what she wants for her birthday. No answer except for this, "pie". Would you like ice cream or whipped cream with that? "Please, Mom." Easiest kid ever.

-I'm sure most of you have heard about the Hope Spoken conference. I was asked to be a small group leader and already had a countdown going. After finding out that I'm due LESS than two weeks later I made the decision to not attend. It's still killing me. My dear friends that I was going to share a room with even offered to deliver my baby in the hotel bath tub....I'm telling you, I even considered it for a couple seconds. I am SO excited for those of you who are able to go, it's going to be incredible. And Leslie, we WILL get our mexican food and margs another time...

-My husband is currently laying on the floor with maps of Alaska mapping out his hunt for next September. He is giggling and smiling. And giggling.

-I'm finished Christmas shopping and my Christmas cards are sitting here ready to be addressed and sent out. I feel like I'm making major life changes from my normal procrastination.

-Ps. If you are the Megan that introduced yourself to me at Sams Club, please email me! I felt ridiculous for  not getting your info and I would love to connect with you! :)


  1. love the hot coco consumption!! you ladies are all so pretty!

  2. first up, i love those pictures. i can't believe november is nearly over. i am definitely decorating this week. second, so excited for this baby. third. NO HOPE SPOKEN? i am so sad, but i totally totally get it (obviously). we will meet someday, we have to.
    love you, girl!

  3. well shoot. now i want hot chocolate.

    and that's so hard about hope spoken. sometimes we have to make the decisions that are sooo hard but are the right ones to make. i get that.

    love to you.

  4. Well. Just know the offer still stands for a hotel birth in the bathtub.
    I'll even get certified as a mid wife if that would make you feel any better.
    LOVE YOU and miss you!