November 25, 2013

selah mcrae is two.

Selah Mcrae. Today you turn two years old! Sometimes I feel like you have to be older than that because I don't even remember our family without you.
I decided to go back and look at the pictures from when you were born and I remember every detail like it was just last week.
There was so much anticipation around your arrival! It was the day after Thanksgiving and you were all I could think about that holiday. 
You were completely flawless when you came and the peace that you brought into our lives was needed badly. 
Your name means "Pause, and calmly think of this..." and you made us do just that.  You came right before one of our biggest transitions and greatest adventures. It was scary but you made even the hard parts fun and doable. I am forever grateful that you have been with us every step of the journey. It would have been ridiculous without you.

I'm waiting for your birthday breakfast to finish rising so in the meantime, look at how much you have grown!

And now here we are today. 
I was trying to remember how old you were when you went from the calm, relaxed baby that just went with the flow to the spunk, independent firecracker you are now. It's so obvious to me in these pictures though. You were about 4 months old. You are still as sweet as ever but something switched. It's like you realized the world was yours for the taking. I couldn't love you more for it.
Everything excites you. Just like in the photo right above. We were walking by the mirror last night and you kept saying "'bir'day! t'morrow! me!" I think you are most excited for the pie you asked for, really.
You didn't want cake. Nope, pie...and coffee. What an old soul you are :)

I crave the passion you have for everything in front of you. There isn't a thing you do half-way. Your whole family is completely crazy about you!
Thank you for waking every morning with the aim to make us smile. You make us steady and remind us daily how good life really is.

Selah Mcrae. Happy birthday, sweet girl.


  1. All so true. Not sure where the time has gone. Wasn't she just born? And yet SOO much has happened in two years. No matter what crisis we are going through, we have our sweet Selah (and Ash and Ryk, and Pete, etc.:)) to remind us what really matters. God and family. Love you so! I may have to come down for a birthday squeeze and some of whatever is rising :).....

  2. How beautiful are they!? and Happy birthday to your sweet princess. I am absolutely in love with the picture of Selah holding the stick and laughing. Her little outfit is perfect

    Makeover With Aspen

  3. What a precious girlie. Love this, Kay! Happy day to sweet Selah :)