December 10, 2013

ten on ten: december.

1. Christmas classics on the record player. 2. Somebody found their mom's makeup. 3. Sparkled deer, of course. 4. Pouring over my new guide to essential oils book. I may become a hippy. 5. More and more snow. 6. A daily reminder. 7. A different scarf every day. 8. A bowl of pinecones. 9. Sister squeezes. 10.Yes.  (Also, I didn't realize until I had already added this shot that you can see my legs in my mug. It's funny so I left it.)

linking up with rebekah today.


  1. These pictures are so gorgeous. They make me so relaxed and happy :)

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    Makeover With Aspen

  2. omg. the last pic.
    are you drinking a moscow mule right now?!?

    also girl. its so early. how are you done already?!

    1. um, i wish.

      i had to take the pictures yesterday because we weren't going to be home today...but now we are and i realize i didn't have to do that. so yeah...

  3. I love these photos Kaylee. :) Wishing I had a table like that, the wood grain is gorgeous.

  4. Great photos, I especially love no.5. I have never seen snow, but maybe just maybe this time next year, we will be travelling and having our very first white Christmas.

  5. Every picture is gorgeous! Where did you score that mug in your last picture?

  6. I adore you blog!!! I love that your a NoDak girl like me =). Your Tree is ADORABLE!

  7. Love these photos! I especially love the glitter deer!! I just looked back through to see another picture to highlight too and I realized that I love them all. The snow on the tree...the Christmas decorations. It's the perfect December Ten on Ten!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Essential oils are my fave...and I adore that book!!

  9. Lovely photographs! The image of your daughter with makeup on her forehead is adorable.

  10. I am so in love with your images (found you via ten on ten linkup).
    and that deer vase?! LOVE