January 20, 2014

quotes from my two.

You guys. I have been doing "quotes from Ashlynn" posts for almost two years now. Well, now I am needing to add Selah to the list. It's hard to capture her personality because most of it includes her facial expressions. The conversations between these two girls have found Ryan and I just staring at each other  thinking, "What have we got ourselves into?"

Ashlynn- "Did you know that Jesus lives in our hearts, in the sky and in every home?!"
Selah- "No he not. He lives in Alaska."

After opening their stockings, "Hey Selah, can you go throw this wrapping paper in the garbage?"
"I can't. It's all Ashlynn's fault."
"Um, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure you opened a present too..."
"It's just too tricky."
"Well I guess we will have to take your presents back then...."
"Look, Mom! No more tricky!"

Ashlynn-"Oh, Mom! I just came down and smelled the soup you are making...It's totally horrific. I can't wait for dinner!"

"Sometimes...I just really wish you and I were twins, Mom."

Angry at her sister, " I would just like to go up to Alaska by myself with no one else so I can have some time to myself. That would be a great time."

"Did you know, when you drink beer in town the cops will trap you and put you in jail?"

I stopped Selah running into the bathroom with the air freshener, "Selah. What are you doing?"
"It's a big one..." Yes. She meant that.

Ashlynn screamed, "THERE IS AN ONION IN MY CEREAL!!!! Oh wait. Nevermind. That's just my thumb."

Ashlynn- "Mom! It's game day, where is my Seahawks shirt?"
"It's in the washer."
Totally horrified, "But, Mom......it's G A M E DAY!!!!"
Yes, we are doing something right.


  1. um, that picture is adorable. priceless.

  2. These are hilarious! I just love them!

  3. Oh this makes me excited to have children! Haha. Adorable.

  4. So good!! Adding a boy is going to be even more hilarious!

  5. This was too funny! I can't wait to have kids.....it would make my life so much more interesting!


  6. Love the air freshener one!! ��

  7. haha these are amazing! and dang she's got her priorities straight ;) gameday!

  8. What's so special about Alaska? I mean other than Jesus living there apparently. :)

  9. Seriously cracking up. Sound just like my 2 littles. Love it!

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