January 6, 2014

whipped cream.

I'm going to share with you my stance on whipped cream. Yes, I have a stance on the subject.
I believe that cream, in a pure form, is not "bad" for you. That is how I feel about all real food, actually.
So many foods get a bad rap but I think it is because we have taken a good thing, add a ton of unnecessary and artificial extras, put it in a can and ruin it. Not cool.

In the last few months I have begun to replace the things in our fridge with only real food. If I want something, I need to make it myself and know what goes into it. Whipped cream was the first. 
Have you ever whipped your own cream and then poured a piping hot cup of black coffee over the top?
It is divine.
Nothing artificial, just raw cream and good beans.

I challenge you to try it. Pour cream into your mixer, let it beat until peaks form and store whatever you don't use in a container in the fridge to be enjoyed on a daily basis. I think when we take the time to make even the most simple things we love ourselves, there is a special fondness rekindled to our relationship with food.


  1. i will only eat real whipped cream....did you know some people don't even know you can make whipping cream....it should be a sin.

  2. I love whipped cream! Luckily my mom would always make it herself when I was little. It's just not the same when bought.
    I'm a health nut and try to make everything from scratch, too. Isn't it amazing how delicious and easy it is, once you're willing to make the changes? :)

  3. Whipped cream is a food group and it's a family sin to not have some in the fridge at all times.

  4. I ONLY make real whipped cream. It's the best over Irish Cream Coffee and with fresh berries... You are right, making food from scratch is the best way to eat


  5. I LOVE this post! I am disgusted with all of the 'extras' put into our food and have been trying to make from scratch myself. NOTHING compares to real whipped cream! I would love a peek into your other recipes. I am in a rut! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a pretty shot of your latte bowl filled with the cream. Aren't those bowls from Anthro the best? And, I agree. Love making my own whipped cream. So much better than buying something loaded with chemicals and extra calories.

  7. Just found your blog and I am in love!! New follower here! I can't wait to read more about your family, so sweet.

  8. Hi! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and finally saying Hi! I love your blog and reading about your beautiful family:). I'm also a North Dakota girl living in Minot:):). And I love real whipping cream!!!